Tribal Nations MC New Song

Rock , rhythm and  blues comes together with the  smooth  style singing of  Tiki O’Brien, unplugged and raw.  Together with the words, Tribal Nations MC gonna ride, A song that tell you what Tribal Nations is all about. Breaking on through to the other side.

Ride Tribal Nations Ride Where breaking on through to the other side.

Ride hard,we can fly Through the valleys, the mountains, we can touch the sky.

On my steel horse I hear the rumbling roar tearing up the highway I’m a wanting more There ain’t no worries, my spirit is free Got my brothers an sister’s riding next to me.

3x Tribal Nations MC gonna ride

Come on burn it up, twist the throttle now burn it up (give heaps all you got, the best), shift in gear, now burn it up. twenty fourteen 2014 meaning the birth year of Tribal Nations and the letters T – 20 and N – 14 T.N twentieth and fourteenth number of the alphabet.

Come on burn it up,manaakitanga (respect, and honor) burn it up, kotahitanga,(unity,together,oneness) burn it up , FAITH is the key Family- Acceptance – Integrity – Truth – Honesty

3x Tribal Nations MC gonna ride

Tribal Nations MC Song